In the office and at home we are surrounded by invisible elements and substances that we breathe and that enter our body, without our noticing it. We spend more and more time inside confined and shared places, where air can reach pollution levels higher than those of outdoor air. Breathing is essential for life, so it is important to pay attention to the quality of the air you breathe. Poor air quality in everyday environments has a significant impact on our body. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the environment in the workplace, in schools and at home is healthy
and take prompt action to avoid long exposures to pollutants that could cause chronic diseases or serious illnesses. O2 air, thanks to an innovative patented filter, fights indoor pollution, holding nanoparticles harmful to health and re-introducing pure air into the environment. The patented filter is a single element that combines the effectiveness of 3 filtration layers, guaranteeing the removal of 99.97% of the particulate up to 0,3 μm and thanks to the intermediate layer it reaches a pollutant abatement performance of up to 50% more than the other filters on the market. Thanks to the innovative technology, the filter retains the smallest fine particles, is the most dangerous and most difficult to trap. Print link is the optional accessory that allows O2air to communicate with printers. It acts as a motion sensor able to intercept exit of the sheets from the printer and activate O2air at maximum speed.