The executive space has its own meaning: to express prestige and solve real business needs . The Funny + proposals satisfy these requirements with the various proposals for furniture systems and solutions, each with its own personality and compositional versatility. Funny + offers 4 new EXECUTIVE lines:

WOODEN SIDE PANEL – desks with MFC sides th.38mm , in the classic version with colored edges , and in the hi-tech version with brushed aluminum edges.

WOODEN LEG – desks with 4 MDF legs in irregular pentagonal section. A unique timeless desk for those who love the solidity of wood without sacrificing design.

ALUMINUM LEG – desks with 4 legs and frame in aluminum. The worktop is built into the structure. A minimal design that makes it extremely elegant and solid.

LEG RING – Desk with metal legs in ring shape, with worktops th.18mm melamine or th.10mm lacquered glass.

The staff office is a place in continuous transformation from the point of view of composition, both for use and continuous updating of technology. Individual staff office or clusters, communication and meeting, Funny solves these issues: from the single desk to more complex compositions, from the reception to call center, to meeting.

WOODEN SIDE PANEL – desks with MFC sides th.25mm , in the classic version with side D.57cm and a new version with D.80cm and the side cover grommets.

FUNNY U-LEG – desks with U-shaped metal legs. Light and elegant , with numerous possibilities of combinations.

FUNNY T-SQUARE LEG – desks with square T-shaped metal legs. Customizable with a base cover in different colors.

FUNNY T-LEG – desks with classic T-shaped metal legs. In a new slimmer version , which makes it suitable for all environments.

MEETING TABLES – All executive and operational lines have their own range of meeting tables , and plenty of opportunities to connect and use.

RECEPTION – A new reception , simple, elegant, minimal. Characterized by vertical screens and a shelf with a front panel that gives it an elegant and functional design.


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