Create collections of functional and modern office furniture, research innovative and valuable materials, giving value to the Made in Italy to preserve character and originality: this is the philosophy of the brand About Office, a company that is renowned for its variety of its collections, for the attention to detail and technical expertise in the production of office furniture.
Continued investment in planning, training and technology, certification of production and supply chain of suppliers, sample checks and an extensive logistics network provide products of great value for the national and international market.
Each component is the result of careful selection: from the hardware to the handles, from the wood panels to the extruded aluminum. Particular attention is given in the process of lacquering (procedures with anti-scratch treatment), chrome finishing and processing aluminium elements.
All collections are subjected to quality control by the regulatory authorities with certificates.
The company only uses panels under the brand “CuoreVerde (green heart)”, manufactured by the Group Trombini.
The ecopanel CuoreVerde is an industrial product produced through the use of recovered wooden material, avoiding the felling of new trees.
The process of recovery is effected by a thorough inspection of incoming material, with the elimination of the impurities that are in turn sent for recovery or disposed of according to law.
For these products are used low formaldehyde content adhesives and the processing is done in compliance with environmental regulations.
The ecopanel CuoreVerde is produced by companies with certified quality system ISO 9001:2000

About Office distributes office furniture with sophisticated design, made of resistant and ecological materials in controlled processes and carried out by skilled workers. Our goal is to provide products of excellent workmanship accessible to all.