About Office is the brand of the office furniture division with the Group Mobilpref SpA
Mobilpref SpA was founded in 1982 as an industry for the production of components for the furniture industry. The experience gained over decades, led the company to develop around the core business brands for different fields of furniture, from office furniture to contract furniture.
So, in 2008 the brand About Office is launched, strengthened by a highly professional, agile and strong structure, able to cope with the new demands of the market in office furniture sector.
The large production capacity is expressed in numerical terms, the substantial and continuous investments made by the company that developes over two factories of over 15,000 square meters and a staff of 40 people.
High production capacity, advanced technology, flexibility, quality, competitive pricing, design and research, and customer care are the characteristics that About Office presents to the office furniture market.
Our goal is to Grow to grow our clients.